Frequently Asked Questions

Well, Our team@Suven is determined to provide an opportunity to every student or learner to understand the entire process of coding a project. Starting from the problem statement to deployment, we have provided each and every step to follow for completing the entire internship project.

Most of the problem statements are designed by domain specific Industry experts. (*our experts have 4 to 18 years of IT Industry Experience in domains ranging from web development to data science)

Of course yes. In each domain you would see a set of industry experts at the top of the web page itself. As a strategic decision by our team@Suven we have fixed the set of experts per domain to maximum of 4.

We had this in mind, moment we conceived the idea of online Coding Internship. Hence after receiving the problem statement from the Industry experts, our team@suven did a decent research to put forth all necessary resources like pdfs, ebooks and most importantly the UI of the solution expected. This has been surveyed from among 40 students pursuing different streams from first year to final year of graduation.
Our team got a "4.5" star review on google.

Well, this product is fully supported and funded by "Suven Consultants & Technology Pvt Ltd" (referred as SCTPL). SCTPL is Mumbai's no. 1 training & Recruitment company for freshers and experienced IT professionals. 3000+ reviews on Google and facebook proves the fact. It's a 12 year young energetic team doing great job here @Mumbai.

Well, its other way round. The professionals working at Top Notch IT companies would be the signatories. Let us explain : We requested mid to senior level IT professionals from Morgan Stanley, TCS, Accenture, Deloitte, EnY, Capgemini, Neosoft, Oracle Corp, Syntel, .. and many Start-up Co-founders to define simple problem statements with maximum possible resources, such that a learner can independently code. We are thankful to all those who have voluntarily contributed. A digital "Certificate of Completion" (of Internship) would be issued by "Suven Consultants & Technology Pvt Ltd" with some of the Industry experts as signatories.

We believe in Open Source development. We believe in knowledge sharing. Our portal is 100% free for one to Register, use all the resources and submit your project to our AI Assessment tool. Post 10 mins assessment, you would be awarded Digital Certificate of Completion (of the Internship) specifying the period of Internship in weeks and hours as well. The problems have already been solved by our team@Suven for providing you step by step process and much needed resources. In short, their is no stipend or payment for the Internship projects.

Sites like internshala or letsIntern only aggregate the requirements of few companies and show case them on the site for you to apply.
Let us look at some statistics :

  • 1500000 graduates clear each year.
  • more than 50% are keen on getting IT / ITES jobs.
  • little less than 5000 Coding Internships are listed online.
  • that means 6 out of 1000 would get a chance to get an Internship inside the IT company.
  • What about the rest 994 out of 1000 ?
  • Simple, each one should get a chance of experiencing "Coding Internship" from few weeks to few months. This portal is the answer to it.

Upload your UI/UX projects on free hosting sites like this or this, Java projects on Gitlab or Github, Chatbot using ML Engine on dialogflow. Well, for Data Analytics you have to only write a blog stating your analysis. Moment your work is submitted, you would face a simple 10 mins MCQ test based on the project submitted. All the best from team@Suven.

This was very critical part our team@Suven brainstormed most. We developed a simple dynamic assessment engine, which would take you through a 10 mins MCQ test depending upon the project submitted. 60% is the clearing criteria. Don't worry many young learners and working professionals (0-3 years) have taken benefit of this portal. Many have passed the assessment with 5star   that's   10on10.

We are sorry, their is no provision for extension of time. The whole system is AI based and automated. More ever completing your coding Internship in a domain not only showcases your coding skills but also your time management skills.

Well, if you really done the internship project coding yourself their is just no chance of not clearing the AI assessment test. But still if one fails the assessment, the portal allows for a re-submission with in 24 hrs.

One would get his/her Internship Certificate, after completing all projects in a given domain. Your profile would indicate how many projects you have completed out of the total projects in that respective domain. Like 1/4 means you have done one project out of 4 projects in that domain.

The Internship certificate would be issued digitally. It would visible in your profile section. The link of the digital Internship certificate would be mailed to your registered mail-id.

Doing such a coding Internship (online) would benefit you in many ways :

  • Your Resume is enhanced. It stands out at college as well on Job portals like Shine.com or Naukri.com
  • Your knowledge gets applied in solving simple real world case studies.
  • As you are guided well through the resources and ebooks, you are sure of completing the coding projects well with in time. This boost your confidence level, making you do better at Interviews
  • Internships increase your Interview calls by 200%
  • Show off your Internship certificate on social media like linked-in and Quora, so that Recruiters and co-founders(of Start-up Companies) can connect with you immediately